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Check out these series covering various topics in front-end development. They're super helpful for both learning and your daily work - trust me, I use them all the time.
Best part? They're free, and you're welcome to contribute. If you find these series helpful, I'd be grateful if you could give them a star on GitHub 😍. Your support means a lot!


My top JavaScript utilities, in just One Line of Code!

CSS animation

Awesome CSS animations: examples of stunning animations without external libraries

CSS layout

A collection of popular CSS layouts and patterns that you can use right away

Cross browser

Common ways to solve cross-browser compatibility problems

Front-end tips

Front-End development mastery: simple tips, tricks, and best practices


Mastering DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript

this vs that

Understanding the difference between ˍˍˍ and ˍˍˍ in front-end development

In-depth series

Attention front-end engineers! Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Look no further! Our in-depth series covers advanced techniques and patterns in front-end development with real-life examples you can use for your applications.
We know learning can be daunting, so we've curated engaging and informative content to make the process enjoyable. Say goodbye to boring material!
Our series covers a range of topics, including advanced CSS, JavaScript, and popular front-end libraries, to help you become a more well-rounded and skilled developer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your front-end game!
To get the most out of these posts, it's crucial to follow them in order. Start from the first post and work your way to the last. Along the way, you'll learn some important techniques that you won't want to miss.

CSS grid

Discover how to use CSS grid layout with real-life examples

Drag and drop in React

Master the art of drag and drop in React

Interact with the clipboard

How to read and write data to the clipboard

IntersectionObserver with React

Practical examples of using IntersectionObserver with React

JavaScript Proxy

Practical examples of using JavaScript Proxy

Master of React ref

Your complete guide to mastering the use of "ref" in React

Mirror a text area

Enhancing user experience through text area mirroring

The power of React context

Get ready to create code that's more efficient, scalable, and maintainable for real-life situations using React context

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